The Hoddy

With the sun on my head
And a hod on my shoulder
Half ton of bricks
Weighing me down
That's when I heard
"Fuck me, I wouldn't 'arf mind given her one!"
And that's all that was keeping me standing.


  1. Shane, have you heard the auto-tuned Muslamic Raygun song that was made from some interview with a British skinhead? Here's the link.

    It's really fucking funny and catchy, and actually rather brilliant for some reason. A lot of the squatters round here play it when they go on marches etc.

    Anyway, i thought you could play it when you miss us British underclass stuck at home. :D


  2. Yeah I just had a look it's pretty cool. They've managed to make him even more dumber than he is.

    The weird thing is that I've never really found the British Underclass to be inherently racist, certainly not like the working classes. Britain is absolutely confused politically... it's crazy. Football crowds are a nice example: working class to the core, support unions, and yet are nationalistic! I think britain has been stable for so many years that no-one even realy knows what left, right, centre, fascist, socialist iis anymore.They're all one and the same, and in a way they are, because no matter who gets in power they inevitably end up in the centre. Britain badly needs a revolution... something to politicize the masses. And not so they vote... just so they can find some kind of personal beliefs and morals. I first noticed this about Britain when I was living in Italy. The young people their were preoccupied with politics and were always marching and campaigning about something or other. Then I saw it was the same all over europe and that they seemed to have a much better political education that us.

    Also, I think the underclass is not racist because 1) half of it has ethnic roots; 2) We all live and struggle and die besides each other. It is kinda it's own family. I'm glad I come from the Underclass. I'm glad I've seen snd lived alongside such things. X