Retards at the Bus-Stop

At first they were laughing
So violently that they shook with delight
They made animal noises
And smelled of curdled milk and wet hay
And then
Without so much as a change of wind
She was crying
Froze to the spot in some personal hell
Her face hung like a curtain of grief
"I've done it again," she bawled
I didn't mean to, it just came out!"
Her friend stopped laughing too
Put his arms around her
And hugged with superhuman force
He lowered a hand
And playfully patted the warm squishy dump of shit in the sag of her pants
"Id'll be fine," he said "It's OK. Idda be fine!"
He cradled her head in a clumsy way
Kissing parts of her that normally
only the rain would touch
"It's Ok," she repeated, "Idda be fine! Idda be fine!"
She sucked in her sadness
And with two clenched baby fists
Wiped her tears away
Then She smiled
Then She laughed
Then He laughed
They were animals again
Galloping around and making strange sounds.

After 20 minutes the bus arrived
Everyone got on
The two retards walked.


  1. I get bouts of uncontrollable laughter too. Not like a retard. Some friends call me the joker

  2. And believe it or not the government drug dealers now has a pill to stop you from laughing to o much. What is this world coming to?!