Miss McNaughton gets Fucked

Miss McNaughton hated the young
She was from another time
(Not a better time)
Teaching in a world that had changed.

She was famous for three things:
Her wrecking ball tits
Losing her hair
And slapping disobedient kids in the face

"She'll not be scared of you," they told me
"She'll hit ya with a good'un!"
"I'm banking on it," I said
"I want her to hit me."

A week later she did
In front of full school assembly
Just before morning prayers

It began with her boast
In a mad Christian screech
How in forty five years
Neither man neither beast
Had touched much less seen
Her pale virgin meat

That's when I raised my hand
"Yes, YOU, the boy with the soon-to-be-straightened tie, WHAT?"
"Why Miss, are you a FUCKING LESBIAN?"

She took it well
Not a slip of shock
Just two beastly eyes
And a crooked finger
Like an evil blind hags
Pointed my way
"Mr Hunter, if you'd be so kind?"

The headmaster upon me
In musty frock
Gave a knee up my arse
And by the scruff of my collar
He delivered the goods
Held out in the air
Like a brief case of shit

She stretched her woolen jacket
Tight across her thunderous bust
And failed at a miracle
To button it up

As fair as her cunt
That'd never been touched
She gave me the chance
To repeat what I'd said

In preparation for the words
That I'd never get to say
I braced myself

"I sa......"

And thay"s when it happened
Her swift heavy hand
Strapping me smart
Across my cheek and my eye
Making a 'POP'
In my insolent mouth

And so in split flash
No surprise to myself
I replied to her phrase
With a swift uppercut
And caught her a beauty
On the crux of her jaw
Packed with the beautiful anger of youth

She didn't fly backwards and land in crushed boxes
Or lift off the floor in slow motion
Nor did little blue birds form a halo around her head
In fact, she didn't do much
Just ever so gently crumpled
On the spot
Splayed out good
With the entire assembly left staring
One hundred and thirteen kids
Up the valley of her legs
Their eyes coming to rest
On a disgusting stretch
Of puffy white knickered crotch
As she lay there
For the first time in her life
Well and truly fucked.


  1. And caught her a beauty
    On the crux of her jaw
    Packed with the beautiful anger of youth

    Now this is fucking wonderful.

  2. Hey DCG... really? According to Mensa I'm ever so slightly retarded! Hahha X

    Sailor: Thanks for all your words. If I get a feel for it I'll write about that insane RE teaher who cracked up and started talking in Satan's tongue X