A Prophecy of Love to Come

The first time I heard the words "I Love You"
And they didn't smell of vodka
I was 21 years old

I think they made me cry
But I'm not sure -
It was dark
And I was being very quiet

They came from the mouth of a someone
Who up until then
Hadn't told me anything worthwhile
And had only sucked my cock

From my reaction to those words
In the dark of that bare place
On a mattress on the floor
I knew:

 whatever it was
   would one day
     tear my soul
       to shreds

I smoked one last cigarette
And on the happiest, saddest night of my life
I slept without dreaming.


  1. This makes me sad, but I love it.

    I am off to India in a few days for a month of sun, so I am going to wish you Merry Xmas & Happy New Year now Shane. xxx

  2. You are so much like me that I hate it. I would never dare to post my poems like you. But I know and you know where they come from. And maybe in the end it means something.