02:44 AM

It's 02.44 am
The world is hush hush
quiet quiet
the no sound sound
of black black silence
echoes all around
in the howl howl howl
of the windy winds' growl
All over town


  1. I kind of forget it is winter up your way. Here, there's always someone out and about, on the make, restless in the heat of the summer night.

  2. Hiya Billy, this is the first verse of whatwas a much longer poem but in continuing it became too structured and too metered and that'shalf of what the writing here stands against. So I scrubbed the following verses, banked any good lines for another poem and called 'stick'.

    The City also gets might quiet some nights... even somewhere as big and as busy as London. Sometimes it's a psychological quietness and sometimes it's real. I'm in a city here but there's an hour or two where nothing moves and what does is so lonely that it makes up a part of the sound of silence anyhow. X