Letters Home from a Children's Prison

Letter #1

Hi Dad!
How are you feeling?
I'm fine
I'm trying to study
and do some sport.

Letter #2

Hi Mum!
I hope you aren't ill?
I've been here six months
And you've not visited
Have you found any work,
or not?

Letter #3

Hello Grandma
How are you?
How's your health?
I remember when you came to see me
It made me very happy
I'll never forget that day
I've kept in mind what your hands are like:
They are wrinkly and rough
I often remember
How you used to fry potatoes for me
And the smell of your meatballs
And fried eggs
When you came to see me
You brought lots of sweets.
Thank you!

Non-Letter #4

I don't want to write to Mum
I'm upset that she killed Grandma
Though when I get out
I think I will forgive her
And start to write letters
After all
No matter what
She's still my Mum.

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