The Murder of Daniel

Child Killer no.1 –
Brian, age 13:

We were all out walking
The three of us:
Me, Zak and Daniel
I had sold a motorcycle sidecar
And Zak had some money
We bought lots of beer
And we drank them at Zak's house

A few days before
Daniel had stolen some gas cannisters
from an old man
When questioned by the police
He said that it was me and Zak
The police gave us a right good beating for that
So we decided to get even.

We got drunk
And beat Daniel up.
He was sitting on the floor
With his back to Zak.
When I turned to light my cigarette
Zak picked up a brick.
He smashed it down on Daniel's head.
We buried him there.
Left no trace.
They couldn't find him for ages - 
A whole month.
Then they worked Zak over in the police station.
He cracked
And admitted we both killed Daniel.

Child Killer no.2 –
Zak, age 15:

Daniel was howling
Swearing that it wasn't him who told the police
I hit him over the head with a brick
Then Brian picked up the brick
He also threw it on Daniel's head
Daniel either went dizzy
Or lost consciousness
We hit him with the brick again.

Brian got 2 years
At the time he was only thirteen
I was fifteen
I got 6 years
I don't think that's fair
It wasn't only me
He did more than me
And I got the longer sentence
I don't know why.

Mother of murdered child:

Daniel's lower jaw was broken in half
I never did find the rest of it.
The coroner told me:
"You won't find it now
Probably the crows grabbed it."

Daniel's nose was also broken
Witnesses say that when the murderers buried him
That his eye was laying on his right cheek
That's all.
I can't say anything else.
They're animals
Not children.

Brian The Animal, age 14:

I remember it all.
I play it over in my head
Not in the daytime –
we have lessons then
and teachers telling us stuff
But in the evening
At night
In the dark
When I'm laying in bed
I remember it all.


  1. Very Disturbing Shane, I am hoping that this is not one of your true stories.

  2. Hey Ya DCG,

    Well itis inspired from a real event, and the poems laying beneath are too. But nothing I lived. The texts are based on a documentary called 'Alone in four walls' and is the portrait of life in a Russian Childs' prison. X