It Goes So Fast

It goes so fast, My Love
Life goes so fast

And this drunken bed 
That we chuck ourselves around on
Will all too soon
Smell of dust
And lavender
And we'll both be invalids upon it

And those days that we spent
In the cafés along the river
Or just walking around
Will be
the most beautiful memories ever
We'll cry
Staring at blank walls
All beauty lived
All time gone
With death
Hammering at the door
And rattling the windows

And Oh God
Your plane takes off at 8
And it was only nine yesterdays ago you arrived
How we've squandered time
But it was ours to squander
And life
If lived at all
Can only be squandered
To try to conserve it
Is a waste
Like no other waste
There is

But now
Never one to follow
My own wisdom
My warm 6am Love
Eyes like saucers
In this tragic morning dark
Lets fight this fucking thing 
With a  Baseball Bat
Your Rape Spray
And my Left Jab
Let's attack the clocks
And stop this 
Before it goes too far 
And separates us
Pulls us apart
551 kilometers
Limb from limb

The clocks are fucked
But time moves on
And you really must be leaving
But we tried
We tried so goddamn hard

Goodbye, My Darling, GOODBYE!!!

It Goes so fast
My Love
Life goes so fast.

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