Where Were All The Adults?

Mother was in the kitchen cooking cooked
Father was in the corner shop spending spent
Teacher was in the Tea Room drinking drunk
Auntie was in the bedroom fucking fucked
Granddad was at the races losing lost
Cousin was in the workshop hammering hammered
Doctor was in his surgery stripping stripped
Uncle was in the toilet pissing pissed
Big Sister on the mattress spreading spread
Grandma with the mourning dying dead


  1. Man, this is good. Reminds me of Charles Bukowski.

  2. Actually it reminds me a bit of Dylan Thomas, I think it's the wordplay.

  3. Hey Gary, I've never read Bukowski's poems but from having read his fiction (especially his short fiction) I can understand why you say that. If indeed it's true I may be able to prove plagiarism against him!

    ps: Really enjoyed your photography... you've something special going on there. I love Doisneau. Your work doesn't remind me a bit of his so you'll have to sue someone else.

    Hey DirtyCowGirl, as for Dylan Thomas I think you must have seen my Memoires comment when I mentioned him to say that as this kind of poetry is very far from what Dylan Thomas was doing. His poetry was very scholarly and learned (stuffy in that way) and he was really a link to a more traditional verse. It's for that reason why I occasionally read him before writing, as poets such as he can help you think about writing in a more visual way.

    Personally, I think the poem just reminds me of me! HA! X

  4. I love your work so much; I think you're extremely talented. I know I don't know you but I really hope you are doing okay. Best best wishes

  5. Hey Liz...Thanks for your words... X O, I'm not too bad. Could be worse and a little less lonely, butnit bad considering.where are you from? X

  6. Liz, our comments seem to have disappeared... Spooky stuff happening in the beauty of West London. Email me here mr.shanelevene@gmail.com

  7. Ah okay, well it seems like they've magically reappeared now! :)

    I'm from Ipswich. Will drop you a line