Johnny used to punch me
  in the face
    a lot
That'uz becoz his mother
  suffered with
     the flu
In the rippling heat of summer
  she'd be wrapped up in bed
    the lightbulb cold
      running a fever
         and delirious
Though occasionally
  she'd venture out
     on unsteady legs
        the muscles wasted -
     like an orphan's;
     like my mum's -
  and head off in the direction of the highstreet
And also
  like my Mum
     she'd always wear
        a long thick coat
           with arm deep pockets
And return
  all too soon
     the clack of bottles
        striking together
           like polished stones
              as she wobbled up the yard.

Johnny said that it was medicine -
  special medicine -
     to help rid her of the flu.

He said it was a certain strain
  that it ran in the family
     that his father
         suffered from it too.

Only I knew
  what such a strain
      it was

Johnny knew I knew

And that's why
  he used to punch me
     in the face
        a lot.


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  2. ^ Typo.

    Brilliant, I love how you can tell a story from so few words.

  3. Thanks DCG. X

    There was one author who told a story in three words. Can't remember who it was though.. or the story! Infact, I may just have made that up... Though only God knows why???