Three Years of Zero

In the first Year of Zero
I walked with no direction
I kept my head down and listened to the sounds
And all the sounds were sad
I wanted to knock at a door
Any door
Give my vandalised wrists up to strangers
Break down
And beg for help
To Cry
Out of pure self-pity
And tell of all the plans
And dreams
Which would never be

In the second Year of Zero
I wanted to run
I don't know why
I just wanted to run and scream
Have something hit me at great speed
But I didn't run
I kept walking
With my head down
And because tears dry
I soon found
There was no route back

In the third Year of Zero
I finally started running
I had something to run to
And I've never really stopped

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  1. " and because tears dry I soon found there was no route back". Love this