I Am We Are Animal

We are animal
Spent and intense
Breathing heavy
The orgasm still in your eyes
Beginning to shrink, now.

And did you know
I cried
While looking at the wall
As you held me
It seemed so carnal, you know
As meat-eaters We are
And I felt like a fraud
Because I wanted to write
And, I know
You didn't come here for that.

But Animal,
I am obsessed with words, NOW
Only because we are dying
And soon
These words will be
All that will remain.

April 12, 2012

I was animal today


  1. I'd spill gallons of blood for you, unfortantly I only have pints.

  2. Hey Shane

    Like your page :-) Like ur poetry too :-)

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  4. I feel music for these words.....
    may I..?

  5. I feel music with these words.
    May I?

  6. Artemis, of course you can.... you didn't even have to ask. I give my soul away cheaply. X