Fuck it... I DO!

Fuck it... I Do!

Those were the words I said
When we got married
After the hesitation
And eyeing you with terror
Knowing that you wasn't for me
That I certainly wasn't for you
And this would never last

Fuck it... I DO!

We married at 12pm on a vile day
In the registry office in Fulham Broadway
Me finally drug free
Did you really think I'd marry you straight?
Half an hour later
Waking up face down in a chicken madras curry
Confetti in my hair and Rice stuck to my eyelashes
“So this is what married life is like!”

Fuck it... I DO!

I think you divorced me right there
And two days later you shot the country
I escorted you to the airport
Through the boarding gates
To make sure you was gone
And you did go
We never saw one another again.

Fuck it.. I DO!

And we're still married
Quelle surprise!
Living apart with no contact
Planning each others murder
Was the only way this thing could have worked
And it didn't work out too bad
Only one argument in 12 years
The only time we spoke

Fuck it... I DO!

Those were the words I said.


  1. Brilliant but sad .. as I love the post about your wife and how you met and split .. xx

  2. Wow, are you still married? Is she a junkie? Who thought you two should get married in the first place?