I Scared a Muslim Today

I scared a muslim today
I didn't mean to
But I did

She asked how to get to the other side of the metro
I explained
But she wasn't french
and mine wasn't any better
So I escorted her
Out of kindness
And a tinge of Western guilt

Then the lift doors closed
And we were alone
Me towering over her
Maybe ready to give her a terrible beating;
or worse!
Even I felt it
How she cowered under her chador
Shrunk down into black cloth
Just a pair of wide eyes
Staring up in terror
At what looked like
The End

And it's a sad day
For everyone
When common racial hatred
Seems like the good old days

I scared a muslim today
I didn't mean to
But I did.


  1. You capture it so well here.

  2. Hey Shane,
    I love this. Brilliant. Of all your poems, this stands out as my favourite.
    Vee X

  3. If she was a he and plural,who would have been 'scared?'

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